Shop in Shop

Shop in Shop

Gelato concept for bakeries, restaurants, retail outlets and event hospitality

Eckardt Schütz, Giovanni L. partner in his fourth year:

“We have already expanded 10percent of our 50 Steiskal branches with a Giovanni L.
Customers are quite definitely choosing the branch with the Giovanni L. onboard over competitors.
At the same time significant extra sales in baked goods and hot drinks are being clearly recorded. Giovanni L. definitely assists us in the afternoons and the otherwise fairly difficult summer months.”

Torsten Schmidt, managing director of Gastronomie Dodenhof:

“After starting six years ago, we now have three Giovanni L. units in our Furniture and Shopping World in Hamburg Kaltenkirchen and Bremen Posthausen.
In the same location, we have quadrupled the gelato turnover compared with the previous gelato product”


Pappert’sBakery now has three branches with an integrated Giovanni L. unit.
Based on positive customer feedback, our fourth branch is already beingequipped with a Giovanni L. unit in April 2015

We have the solution, youhave the success!

Successful in over 100 branches
(with franchise & Shop in Shop)
From planning to sales
we don’t leave you in the lurch!

Unvarying premium quality
EU-certified, with DLG award and world
 champion gelato

Improved turnover and profits
with almost constant ancillary costs from the very first scoop!
Synergy effects in other product groupsHe who eats gelato will also drink a cappucino