In general

The rapid growth of Giovanni L. is based on the fun and pleasure of all those people who come into contact with the business.

More and more partners recognise the exclusivity and uniqueness of the market niche that Giovanni L. has created.

Giovanni L. not only stands for a premium gelato, but also a whole concept. In Germany, Backring Nord serves as the logistics partner. As well as the gelato, Backring Nord sells all the products involved in the system such as the standard premium gelato cabinet, the counter technology and all the consumables and decorative goods belonging to the concept.

This way everything is delivered by the same company. As well as the gelato cafés belonging to Giovanni L. in Schleswig-Holstein and Hamburg, which are mainly located in shopping malls and high footfall locations, there are about a hundred other partner franchises and shop-in-shop concepts in bakeries, gastronomy outlets, furniture shops and leisure parks.

Competence and experience – a strong partnership.All Giovanni L. partners receive experienced advice from the franchise system’s head office.There the competence of the producers is combined with the experience of the franchise system restaurateurs.Giovanni L. shares this knowledge with his partners.With the partnership comes practical training in Giovanni L. businesses, support from the system coach in the days surrounding the opening as well as regular support and follow-up training. One hour of a professional video course with in-depth practical examples and detailed, illustrated recipe instructions on a tablet that has been set upespecially and which is updated wirelessly, complete the concept.A franchise or shop-in-shop licence partner enjoys many benefits.As well as the shop and design planning, which can be adjusted to match your market presence, a partner can rely on expert knowledge. Every location is evaluated jointly in detail on all significant criteria. Every partner is granted territorial protection.Giovanni L. gelato is not found in retail shops, nor can it be purchased freely in the whole sale market.With Giovanni L. premium gelato you are setting yourself apart fromalternative gelato concepts.The end customer’s attention is caught by the lovely, decorative visual effect of the gelato and the taste explosion of the many creative flavours, automatically making them a regular customer.Places where customers expect to receive a high quality, handcrafted product instead of an industrial product are precisely the places in which Giovanni L. celebtrates succes.