A passion for taste

Quality fanatic, Jack of all trades or simply just a creative mind? Giovanni stands forice cream creations of a very special kind. Passion, tradition and feelings lead Giovanni to create ice cream temptations which may be either wild ordelicate, but which are always new. May he have many more ideas that givepleasure to us and our palates.

Since ice cream is simply notmore, but also not less, than our just deserts!

Howit all started…

At a very young age Giovanni L. was allowed to stand on as tool to watch his grandfather’s hand-cranked gelato maker as his grandfather spent time and effort producing delicious “Gelato” . Fresh fruit from his own garden, nuts collected in the autumn, fresh herbs, dried berriesand everything the region had to provide were thus made into delicious icecream.

The small Giovanni took much ofthe love, tradition and the original recipes with him in his heart and mind tothe town that has now been his home for many years, Hannover, where he grew up.Italy in his mind’s eye, Grandpa’s recipes in his head and full of drive; thisis how Giovanni L. ice cream parlours gradually came into being in Hannover,Barcelona, Mallorca, Kiel, Hamburg and in a further 100 places through out Europe so far.

Always on the hunt for the new, ultimate gelato creation, Giovanni is not only the name sake and founder, but also the untiring figurehead, quality controller and creator of his ice cream flavours.

Completely in line with his family tradition, using the best high quality raw ingredients – no different to theway his grandfather would have done it.