Franchise – an existence of your own with Giovanni L.

Quality instead of quantity!

This is our philosophy, particularly in terms of expansion.
Are you thinking about a Giovanni L. licence partnership?

Please note that you need to meet at least two, and ideally all three, of the following main requirements:

• You have your own freely available capital of at least 50,000 euros (we do not provide any finance arrangements!).

• You are a genuine entrepreneuror have had adequate training with relevant professional experience.

• You habe a shop in a top location


“I was always treated fairly by the franchise system head office, even if there were problems. Of course, as the owner, I had to put a lot of work in myself, but not entire nights as previously when I worked in catering.

As well as the gelato café in Neumünster, I also run two other units in the Neumünster and Wolfsburg „outlet centres“ and, from 2016, one further 250 m² gelato cafe“

Dirk Mazurkewicz


Giovanni L. is a magnet for Danes, who are mad about gelato, as well as for Flensburgers with a sweet tooth. Children are particularly welcome according to Luca Iskender. “Children contribute to the lively atmosphere of our business in CITTI-PARK and are ultimately the future of our business.

Flensburg is a fabulous location and we are looking for other locations to make Giovanni L. even better known and to concentrate our business as far as possible.

We view being a licence partner as the means to not only participate, but also to take part in the develpment of the Giovanni L. brand –  as this ultimately our life.

Luca and Lisa Iskender
Citti-Park Flensburg

We will readily help you:

Prior to opening:
• Location analysis
• Sample business case
• Investment plan
• Finance plan
• Rental contract negotiation
• Layout and installation planning
• Technical installation
• Personnel requirement plan
• Public authorities checklist

For the opening:
• If desired, handover of a fully installed Giovanni L.
• Territorial protection
• Induction of the franchisee and staff
• Shop decor
• Advertising for the open

When the business is up and running:
• Ongoing advice and support through regional franchise advisers
• Trans-regional PR
• Sales training
• Exchange of experiences

Application form

A. Personal details

 Mr Mrs/Ms

Your Name (compulsory field)

Street (compulsory field)

Postconde & towm (compulsory field)

Telephone number(compulsory field)

Your e-mail address (compulsory field)

Date of birth

Place of birth


Have you got a criminal recors as the result of an offence against property (e.g. theft, fraud, embezzlement) or an insolvency-related crime?
 Yes No

Are you being, or have you been, investigated with regard to
food legislation violations?
 Yes No

If you are not a citizen of a member state of the EU,
do you possess a valid unlimited employment and residence permit for self-employment?
 Yes No

B. Details about your education/career

School leaving qualifications

Professional training


Do you have other jobs (business or private)?
 Yes No

C. Details on your planned self-employment as a Giovanni L. partner

Have you ever been self-employed?
 Yes No

Why are you interested specifically in becoming a Giovanni L. partner?

What experience do you have in sales?

What experience do you have in staff management?

What business experience do you have?

What experience do you have in staff management?
 Yes No

If yes, how much a month?

How much freely available capital of your own do you have (in €)?

What are your monthly income expectations (before tax and insurance)?

What monthly income do you have at present (before tax and insurance)?

In which region or town would you like to work as a Giovanni L. partner?

What is your desired start date?

What triggered your interest in a partnership?

Please note that in the course of the application process you must submit the following documents:
• SCHUFA credit report (consumer information) at your expense
• Police certificate of good conduct at your expense
• Certificate from the Public Health Office or Public Health Officer concerning the initial briefing
• Proof of own capital

I hereby declare my consent to my data being stored and authorise Giovanni L. to collect credit information..

I affirm that the above information is true.

We thank you for your interest and will be in touch shortly.

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